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A new start for art at Stanford: Cantor Arts Center and Anderson Collection reopen

…ford/Cantor and understand its history.” Mitchell noted, “It has been very useful for us each to tap into our different spheres of experience to connect with staff and work toward institutional goals.” Both indicated that, in addition to their respective skills and experience, just having an extensive history at Stanford has been a major advantage. “My Stanford colleagues have helped weigh in on a variety of issues from le…


Manuel Neri: Assertion of the Figure


The Do List: Cy and David’s Picks

…e giant, glittery sock pockets decorated with beads, buttons, sequins, and human hair. Sometimes he puts dancers in the suits (Cave trained with Alvin Ailey) and calls it performance art. Whatever  you call it, it’s very cool stuff and very worth a visit to Stanford. Both the Anderson Collection and the Cantor are always free, so it’s one of our Cheap Thrills this week.   Sept 16 & 17: Angelica’s in Redwood City is a kind of throwback, a…


Hunk, Moo Anderson give modern art masterpieces to Stanford

…ock-a-block walls, “we may be trying to replace irreplaceable art with replaceable art, ” meaning no insult to the far less time-tested purchases of younger artists’ works that the couple continue to make. Since that day in Paris, Hunk, 91, and Moo, 87, have always approached collecting art as a team. “We’ve all read the same books, we’ve all looked at the same pictures, ” Moo said, “and that’…

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Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson dies at 95

…te it in perpetuity, so that it could be used, shared and seen, reflected his philosophy that art can and should inspire all of us. All of us at Stanford will always have the deepest affection for Hunk as a generous, big-hearted man.” To date, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University has been seen by nearly 250,000 visitors. Every work in the museum is viewable online and the collection has grown through gifts from other members of the comm…

Self-Guided Tours Developed by Stanford Students


The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

…a “gift for the generations” and also noted with great pride that the Anderson would play a key role in the remarkable and ongoing “Stanford Arts Initiative.” If you think Stanford is just a tech-incubator with a football stadium, think again: the opening of the Anderson makes the Stanford campus a genuine arts destination. “Overnight,” says Christopher Knight of the LA Times, “the Anderson Collection cat…


The Magic of The Anderson Collection

Pollock’s Lucifer now resides at Stanford University and is welcoming visitors. The news is of significance to everyone for reasons described in this article. Lucifer, the crown jewel of the Anderson Collection, moved to Stanford with a retinue of 120 colorful accomplices he’s befriended while living at the Andersons’ residence. The whole gang is now happily installed in a custom-designed museum on the Stanford campus. With ro…


Up Close: One Painting Tours With Artists

…ists” focuses on a single object in the Anderson Collection, sparking dialogue with a guest artist. This project is made possible by a grant from Stanford Arts and the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Artist Rebekah Goldstein explores Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #60 Rebekah Goldstein is a San Francisco-based painter. Click here to explore her work. Follow her on Instagram. Artist Marcela Pardo Ariza explores Paul Wonner’s…


The Cantor and Anderson Collection offer free membership to Class of 2020

The Cantor and Anderson Collection offer free membership to Class of 2020…


Left of Center


Anderson Collection pieces lock in a home at Stanford

…iversity. “Well, what do you think?” Hunk says, while getting his first look at the walls nearly covered in his art. In terms of a single donation to open a museum on a prestigious college campus in a major metropolitan area, the Anderson Collection might be the most important opening since the Trumbull Gallery at Yale opened in 1839. In the West, the only thing that comes close is the Hammer Museum, which was open four years before being…


Stanford unveils the Anderson Collection: New museum dedicated to renowned works of American art

…onately known as Hunk and Moo) and their daughter, Mary Patricia Anderson Pence. The history of their collecting is by now the stuff of legend: After a trip to Europe in the 1960s, Hunk and Moo decided to educate themselves about art in order to build a collection. They sought out the best examples by the most noteworthy artists available, and had the good fortune — and foresight — to purchase stellar works by artists working in the A…

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Anderson Collection opens to public on Sept. 21

…ts new Stanford University home this Sunday, Sept. 21, in a freestanding pavilion next to the Cantor Arts Center in the University’s growing arts district. Members of the Cantor Arts Center and the Anderson Collection can also attend a special preview of the museum on Sept. 20. Opening day festivities will include food trucks, music, activities and digital tours. Admission is free, and while visitors can reserve timed tickets online at anderson.s…


Anderson Collection at Stanford solidifies Bay Area’s art stature

…17;s painting changing proportions and accessibility, artworks respond to all sorts of cultural echoes and other influences that we can seldom pinpoint easily. The Still at the top of the stairs prepares us to notice throughout the Anderson Collection fluctuating impressions made by artworks that initially seem foursquare and fully defined. Such an experience of art’s mutability is a key into the psychology of collecting as the Anderson fam…