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The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience Posted: 09/24/2014 2:51 pm EDT  Updated: 2 hours ago Visiting the newly-opened Anderson Collection at Stanford requires taking everything — your body and your expectations — up a level. After entering the building’s main lobby — which will cost you nothing as the Anderson is free — you will ascend a grand staircase that plateaus at the building&#8217…

The Building


Stanford Opens a Museum Highlighting American Art

Collectors Harry “Hunk” and Mary Margaret “Moo” Anderson made their fortune from Mr. Anderson’s Saga Foods, supplying food to universities and other institutions. But these days, they’re providing Stanford University with a lot more than lunch. Last weekend, Stanford unveiled a 33,500-square-foot building to house the Anderson Collection, 121 contemporary artworks donated by the Andersons, including major artw…


Top 10 art shows as rising rents force out S.F. artists

…of its long exhibition history. Robert Frank in America: Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center (through Jan. 5) exposed the editorial background of Frank’s classic “The Americans” as no exhibition or publication has done before. At Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz: Under house arrest in Beijing, the world’s most famous antiauthoritarian artist could not quite pull off engineering a successful ongoing show in America’s most famous prison, but the effort of a…

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The art of music: String quartet captivates visitors to the Anderson Collection

The art of music: String quartet captivates visitors to the Anderson Collection As part of an effort to engage visitors in fresh and unique gallery experiences, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University treated museum visitors to a special performance by the St. Lawrence String Quartet. Music lofted through the gallery as the quartet performed a mix of classic and contemporary arrangements to a packed crowd of onlookers. The combination of…


Stanford’s Anderson Collection to host Nick Cave exhibition

A new exhibition at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University – Nick Cave – challenges the boundaries between multiple artistic and creative disciplines. By Robin Wander When the exhibition Nick Cave opens at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, visitors will encounter the intersection of visual art and performance in a collection of Cave’s Soundsuits, videos and a documentary film. The exhibition opens Sept. 14 and runs throug…


Suit Yourself

SUIT YOURSELF It’s been a decade since Jason Linetzky, director of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, first encountered Nick Cave’s famed “Soundsuits.” “I was struck by how present the works were, the material choices and how Cave’s assemblage brought up memories and assigned new meaning,” he recalls. “They make us look, examine, question what we are seeing.” In September, the Anderson Collection opened an exhibition, N ic k Cave…


Manuel Neri’s Chromatic Chaos

…d violence present in the many nicks, scrapes, and gouges that mark Neri’s plaster figures. They are evidence of the artist’s intensity and physical struggle while in the throes of his process. Joan Brown, who Neri met in a CSFA class taught by Elmer Bischoff — “She was wild as hell,” Neri later recalled — once observed how “Manuel would put on plaster real fast, cut that arm off, throw it away, and twenty minutes later he’s got a new arm there.”…


Second Sunday at Home

…s will be turned off. About Nick Cave’s Soundsuits Cave’s first Soundsuit (1992) was built in reaction to the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers and the riots that followed the officers’ acquittal in 1992. Though it was not built as a wearable object, Cave donned his creation. Within it he found sanctuary, a new identity, and was surprised and inspired by the sound the twigs made when he moved. And so he named this sculp…


Digital Holiday Gift Basket

Happy holidays from the Cantor and Anderson Collection! The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate. The Cantor and Anderson Collection at Stanford University are excited to share our Digital Holiday Gift Basket. We hope you’ll find it to be a great way to relax and enjoy select virtual tours, engaging lectures and artist talks, fun art-making projects, and many more activities we’ve chosen for you. We know that there is no substitute to ex…