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Hunk, Moo Anderson give modern art masterpieces to Stanford

…canvas of fluttering red lozenge shapes; a stately black-on-black square canvas by Ad Reinhardt; and a sculpture in silver, an abstracted clock face, by David Smith. ‘The pick of the litter’ The rapacity of top-tier collectors in the present gilded age effectively makes the market value of the Anderson Collection incalculable. But “for us, it’s not about how much, but how good,” Hunk said of the family’s acquis…


The Tale


Sky Garden




The Museum of Hunk, Moo & Putter: The Anderson Collection at Stanford will Rock You

…s ability to provide a meaningful encounter with the art it presents. Which is why The Anderson as successful it is in the experience it provides is worth a visit. In the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, one still has the opportunity to commune with Hunk, Moo and Putter’s treasures and see, taste and feel how Art rocks your brain. I am an award-winning journalist and producer who has created print, video and online media content for…

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The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

…a “gift for the generations” and also noted with great pride that the Anderson would play a key role in the remarkable and ongoing “Stanford Arts Initiative.” If you think Stanford is just a tech-incubator with a football stadium, think again: the opening of the Anderson makes the Stanford campus a genuine arts destination. “Overnight,” says Christopher Knight of the LA Times, “the Anderson Collection cat…


Instead of Changing Leaves, Peep Eight Bay Area Art Shows this Fall

Fall, a season experienced in other climates as crisp weather, woolly sweaters, crunchy leaves and autumnally-appropriate spiced drinks. Here in the Bay Area, September is much the same as August, except with more exciting visual art events on the calendar and a slight spike in temperatures. Don’t know where to start for a healthy dose of excellent art? Here are eight suggestions for not-to-miss exhibitions, installations, public art projects an…


‘Formed & Fired: Contemporary American Ceramics’ at the Anderson Collection breaks the mold

…came to the forefront this year. I can’t help but want to be in the galleries to look at his work really closely in response. In addition, his use of news clippings illustrates this moment of reckoning in our country. “Not to mention that views on the tactile have changed so much in the last six months,” Shapiro continued. “The handmade is more meaningful now – and perhaps is even more so when you consider how purposeful these artists utilize for…


Stanford’s Anderson Collection museum to feature trove of couple’s art

Along a shady road here, you can glimpse large estates behind gates and hedges bought with fortunes earned in Silicon Valley. Then you come to the driveway of a ranch house that stands pretty much as it was when built in the 1960s by Harry and Mary Margaret Anderson. From the unpretentious exterior, few would guess that inside the house a single painting in their collection is worth as much as one or even two of those neighboring estates. This…


Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson dies at 95

…te it in perpetuity, so that it could be used, shared and seen, reflected his philosophy that art can and should inspire all of us. All of us at Stanford will always have the deepest affection for Hunk as a generous, big-hearted man.” To date, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University has been seen by nearly 250,000 visitors. Every work in the museum is viewable online and the collection has grown through gifts from other members of the comm…

Self-Guided Tours Developed by Stanford Students

How the Stanford Arts District grew from a midair inspiration


How to find love at the Anderson Collection

…k, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University opened its doors for the first time. The Andersons didn’t know much about art at first, but they suffered something of a coup de foudre at the Louvre in 1964. Since then, Hunk, Moo and Putter have devoted themselves to the art of art appreciation, partly by seeking advice from local artists. Perhaps this is why much of the collection is focused “close to home.” Works by Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Wo…

On Elite Campuses, an Arts Race


A Dorm-Food Fortune Has Funded the Best New Museum in Silicon Valley

…eir daughter, Mary Patricia Anderson Pence—or Hunk, Moo, and Putter, the nicknames by which they are referred to in the museum’s catalog. Back in the 1980s, when I was an undergrad at Stanford taking a stray art-history class, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Anderson home, which isn’t far from the campus. (Saga itself was headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, long before it was a mecca for tech-oriented venture capitalists…

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The Magic of The Anderson Collection

Pollock’s Lucifer now resides at Stanford University and is welcoming visitors. The news is of significance to everyone for reasons described in this article. Lucifer, the crown jewel of the Anderson Collection, moved to Stanford with a retinue of 120 colorful accomplices he’s befriended while living at the Andersons’ residence. The whole gang is now happily installed in a custom-designed museum on the Stanford campus. With ro…