September 5, 2019 - March 1, 2021

Contemporary artist Jim Campbell uses technology to filter images of daily life, mediating the audience’s encounter with his subjects and amplifying the flow of time and memory. While many of Campbell’s public projects have been physically sweeping in scale, such as Day for Night (2018) atop the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, this exhibition focuses on his more intimate works, placing them in dialogue with the permanent collection of the Anderson Collection to create new visual and sensory experiences. Campbell primarily utilizes LEDs to translate time-based subjects—scenes of jostling crowds, found home movies, and the rhythmic movements of nature, such as waves and clouds—into blurred or gridded forms that test the limits of perception. In its abstract orientation and encouragement of extended contemplation, Campbell’s art shares much with other works in the vibrant, light-filled, and expansive galleries in the Anderson Collection.


This exhibition is organized by the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. We gratefully acknowledge loans from the artist and Hosfelt Gallery and generous support from Museum Members and the and the Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson Charitable Foundation.

Jim Campbell, Home Movies Pause (David), 2014, Custom electronics, 520 LEDs, Courtesy of the artist and Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco