May 23, 2019 at 4-6:00pm


Loop is a transformative mindfulness experience created for the Anderson Collection at Stanford University by Caroline Berzins; class of 2019, B.S. Candidate, Product Design; and Mary Alice Arnstein, class of 2019, B.S. Candidate, product Design.

Drawing on recent mindfulness science, Loop harnesses sight and sound to guide the mind toward relaxation. The experience pairs a auditory meditation and curated playlist with the existing museum collection to help visitors disconnect from the fast-paced lifestyle and unwind. With Loop, visitors will find themselves engaging more deeply with the artwork, and will leave feeling more connected to the present moment.

Practice mindfulness amongst stunning artworks beginning Thursday, May 23rd at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Refreshments will be available from 4-6pm during the official launch event.

RSVP to our Launch Event and find out more! Bring your headphones!