September 21, 2014 - August 23, 2015

wintersLocated on the first floor, the Wisch Family Gallery features portraits of fifty-five of the artists whose work is on view in the museum. This exhibition presents a range of images, from formal portraits to candid shots that shed light on the practices and creative processes of their influential subjects.

oliveiraIn the mid-1980s, the Andersons commissioned Leo Holub (1916–2010), a beloved Stanford professor who had founded the University’s photography program in 1969, to take photographs of the artists whose work was then featured in the family’s collection. Over the next ten years, Holub traveled around the country, visiting the studios and galleries of more than 110 artists and quietly capturing each of them with a 6 x 7 cm Mamiya camera. celminsCharacterized by Holub as “one of the highlights of my life,” the project culminated with the publication of a four-volume portfolio, produced in an edition of two, from which this exhibition is drawn. The photographs themselves and Holub’s stories of his experience making them remain an integral part of the Anderson family’s collection.

Nathan Oliveira, Stanford 1982; Terry Winters, New York 1992; Vija Celmins, New York 1986, © Estate of Leo Holub.