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"To enjoy art, I feel you must share it." - Mary Margaret "Moo" Anderson


Generosity is the soul of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University: it originated from a tremendous donation of 121 works of art and grew into a community because of the volunteers, scholars, students, and donors who give their time, their knowledge, and their resources. As the museum celebrates its fifth anniversary, we welcome you to contribute to a new effort that will ensure its legacy as a place that is free and accessible for all to learn, teach, and discover in the heart of Silicon Valley. The museum is rooted in the power of art to transform and the belief that experiences are meant to be shared.

Teaching through engagement with students and the public

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The museum strives to increase scholarship and interdisciplinary connections by working closely with Stanford faculty and students to integrate the collection into curricula across disciplines.

“Students confront their own perceptions at the Anderson. Colors, voids, and penciled grids take away all that our students think they know—so that they can attend to new ways of being and seeing. That is what college is for.”
- Alexander Nemerov
Chair of the Department of Art and Art History
Carl and Marilynn Thoma Provostial Professor in the Arts and Humanities

Learning at the intersection of art and culture past, present, and future

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By catalyzing collaboration among curators, faculty, artists, and students on exhibitions, programs, and publications, the Anderson has transformed the way the arts are experienced at Stanford and beyond.

Discovering a home for reflection, discourse, and growth

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The Anderson Collection connects learners, teachers, art enthusiasts, and supporters with one another. It also connects each visitor through the shared experiences of encountering works of art that ask them to think about big ideas, reflect on their own understandings, and consider their relationship to the world at large.


Public programs draw students and the broader community to the Anderson to make connections between visual art and life, activating the collection through in-gallery performances, artist talks, film screenings, and more.


The museum maintains its promise to be a public space with free admission. A gift of any size will help provide vital operational support for the museum’s future.


For more information and gift inquiries:

Maude Brezinski
Senior Director of Development for the Arts at Stanford University


For media inquiries:

Robin Wander
Interim Director of Marketing and Communications