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Palette Cleanser: A new campus museum quietly serves up a visual banquet

Palette Cleanser: A new campus museum quietly serves up a visual banquet. By Lydia Lee It’s tempting for designers to try to turn art museums into works of art themselves. But what if the client’s directive is just the opposite? A new campus museum in the Bay Area by the New York–based firm Ennead Architects may disappoint those hoping for a bigger architectural statement. However, as designed to house the 121 works of the Anderson Collection,…


‘Animating the Inanimate’: Redefining an art form

…France, Twist believes puppetry is a marginalized and misunderstood art form. He explains that the intention of animating something — not just humanoid marionettes — makes a performance piece puppetry. Taking after the abstraction that defined American art in the 20th century, Twist strives to emulate pure color and pure shape in his work. He utilizes materials such as cloth, tinsel and paper to explore the concepts of form, shape and motion wit…


Harry ‘Hunk’ Anderson, modern art collector and philanthropist, dies at 95

…he way 55 of their works have been donated to SFMOMA, including paintings by Lichtenstein, Johns, Stella, Warhol and Rauschenberg. “Hunk and Moo have been two of the most important donors to the collection in our museum’s long history,” said Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. “The museum collection would simply not be what it is without their profound generosity.” At one point, there was talk that the vast Anderson…


“Reaching Towards Warmer Suns”: A Q&A with artist Kiyan Williams ’13

…different people interpret the work. For example, one of my favorite things is watching kids play with the work and high-five the hands. When I presented the work at Socrates [Sculpture Park], I had a conversation with a Pakistani woman and her two children who were at the park when I was installing it, and her son was so excited about the work. She interpreted the work with her kids without me saying anything about it, and she was able to inter…