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Eamon Ore-Giron: Non Plus Ultra


Hunk, Moo Anderson give modern art masterpieces to Stanford

Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson didn’t know much about art – they’d dabbled in antiques – before they first visited Paris in 1964 and made their way into the Louvre. “We became so enamored with the visual experience that on the way home, we looked at each other and said, ‘How could all this have been going on and we not have been a part of it?’ ” said Harry “Hunk” Anderson. The muse…

Hostile Terrain 94

Hostile Terrain 94


Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson dies at 95

Art collector and Stanford donor Harry “Hunk” Anderson dies at 95 The longtime friend of the university welcomed Stanford graduate students to study the art in his home and office, and then he and his family made the collection accessible to the world through a transformative gift. BY ROBIN WANDER Stanford neighbor, friend and philanthropist Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson died on Feb. 7 at his Bay Area Peninsula home surrounded by his family….



Construction on Anderson Collection art museum begins

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The Cantor and Anderson Collection offer free membership to Class of 2020

The Cantor and Anderson Collection offer free membership to Class of 2020…


Up Close: One Painting Tours With Artists

…made possible by a grant from Stanford Arts and the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Artist Rebekah Goldstein explores Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #60 Rebekah Goldstein is a San Francisco-based painter. Click here to explore her work. Follow her on Instagram. Artist Marcela Pardo Ariza explores Paul Wonner’s Wine Glass and Postcard (Zurbarán) Marcela Pardo Ariza is a visual artist and curator that explores transhistori…


The Magic of The Anderson Collection

Pollock’s Lucifer now resides at Stanford University and is welcoming visitors. The news is of significance to everyone for reasons described in this article. Lucifer, the crown jewel of the Anderson Collection, moved to Stanford with a retinue of 120 colorful accomplices he’s befriended while living at the Andersons’ residence. The whole gang is now happily installed in a custom-designed museum on the Stanford campus. With ro…


The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience Posted: 09/24/2014 2:51 pm EDT  Updated: 2 hours ago Visiting the newly-opened Anderson Collection at Stanford requires taking everything — your body and your expectations — up a level. After entering the building’s main lobby — which will cost you nothing as the Anderson is free — you will ascend a grand staircase that plateaus at the building&#8217…


Abstraction From a Different Origin

Abstraction From a Different Origin Eamon Ore-Giron invites the viewer to consider culture as a collective, living concept that evolves through destabilizing identity. DENVER — From wall texts to articles, every introduction of artist Eamon Ore-Giron highlights his father’s familial ties to Peru as well as his mother’s roots in Arizona. The notion that he is the offspring of two cultures suggests his art is a visual manifestation of Spanish col…


Forms That Don’t Yet Exist: Kiyan Williams Interviewed by Louis Bury

…se they’re Earth artists who worked with their hands rather than large machines. Buchanan worked in the American South and was concerned with how the land holds history and memory. LB How would you characterize your own work’s relationship to place and site? KW I’m interested in understanding my relationship to the US through the African Diaspora as a way to acknowledge the erased or ignored histories embedded in the land because of settler colo…

The Building


Anderson Collection at Stanford University to be displayed in an elegant new home

Part of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University: David Park, ‘Four Women,’ 1959, oil on canvas, 57 x 75 3/8 in., courtesy Hackett | Mill, San Francisco The Anderson Collection at Stanford University has reached another on-schedule milestone in the trek toward beginning construction this summer and opening its doors in 2014. The Stanford Board of Trustees approved Ennead Architects‘ building design at their meeting this…

Newsmaker Interview: Ennead’s Richard Olcott Designs a New Museum for Stanford University

Stanford’s art explosion in heart of Silicon Valley