Hunk, Moo Anderson give modern art masterpieces to Stanford

09/09/14|SF Gate, Kenneth Baker (reprinted with permission from the San Francisco Chronicle)

…rst 15 years together were consumed with the business and parenthood. In 1962, Saga partners decided to relocate company headquarters to Menlo Park. By the time the Andersons moved from Oberlin, Ohio, Saga Foods – as the company came to be called – served 136 institutions and was a financial success. When the Andersons discovered their passion for collecting in 1964, they started with French and American Impressionists – Claude…


Vija Celmins, 1985-1986, oil and wax on linen, 70 x 72 in.
Barrier, 1985-1986

  Up Close: One Painting Tours With Artists Barrier Hosted by art historian and the associate director of ITALIC at Stanford, Kim Beil, the micro-video series focuses on a single object in the Anderson Collection, sparking dialogue with a guest artist. Kim spoke with artist Davina Semo about Vija Celmins’ Barrier. Explore the Up Close Series   “The images are not from observations of nature, but are ’found images’ fr…


Mark Tobey, 1953, casein on board on masonite, 44 3/8 x 28 1/2 in.
Window, 1953

Mark Tobey is considered a leader of the Northwest School, a group of artists working in the Seattle area who were influenced by both the nature of the Pacific Northwest and East Asian philosophy. In his late twenties, Tobey became fascinated by haiku, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, and mysticism, and he subsequently converted to the Baha’i World Faith. He believed that there could be no break between nature, art, science, religion, and one’s…

Red Ascending

Sean Scully, 1990, oil on linen, 102 x 140 in.
Red Ascending, 1990

Light, color, density, and darkness make up Sean Scully’s universe of colored panels. His signature colored stripes interlock and weave across the canvas of Red Ascending. There is an earthly density to Scully’s blocks, like the heavy slabs of rock of the ancient dry-stone walls of Aran Island, which Scully photographed in his native Ireland. The ascension from earth to sky informs Scully’s work, even physically as the eye travels up to the top…

Anderson Collection at Stanford solidifies Bay Area’s art stature

09/20/14|SF Gate, Kenneth Baker (reprinted with permission from the San Francisco Chronicle)

…ou enter the campus building, a striking illusion occurs. A long staircase – its gentle slope making for a comfortable ascent – leads the eye directly upward to Still’s “1957-J No. 1,” a 12-foot-long abstract painting that appears expansive as a movie screen. The building’s designer, Richard Olcott of Ennead Architects, has made the stairway taper as it rises, exaggerating its length optically and enhancing the…

Stanford unveils the Anderson Collection: New museum dedicated to renowned works of American art

09/19/14|Palo Alto Online

…h only three colors of paint (red, black, white) applied thickly with a palette knife. Its jagged forms and bold composition are confrontational and somewhat unsettling. Look to the left, however, and the eye takes in the cheerful swirls and bright pastels that comprise Joan Mitchell’s “Before, Again IV.” Gaze right, and Richard Diebenkorn’s evocative seascape, “Ocean Park #60,” immediately produces a sense of…

Elite Collection of Modern Masters to Anchor Stanford’s Growing ‘Arts District’


…rk the Andersons have collected since they got hooked on art after a 1964 visit to the Louvre in Paris. A better eye than mine has noted the Anderson collection is a careful balance between abstract and figurative works. The Andersons have had the money to buy the best. Harry Anderson and two friends founded Saga Foods (now owned by Marriott) in 1948 while students at New York state’s Hobart College, and Anderson, 93, said today the company was p…

The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

09/24/14|Huffington Post

The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience Posted: 09/24/2014 2:51 pm EDT  Updated: 2 hours ago Visiting the newly-opened Anderson Collection at Stanford requires taking everything — your body and your expectations — up a level. After entering the building’s main lobby — which will cost you nothing as the Anderson is free — you will ascend a grand staircase that plateaus at the building&#8217…

The Magic of The Anderson Collection

10/08/14|Huffington Post

Pollock’s Lucifer now resides at Stanford University and is welcoming visitors. The news is of significance to everyone for reasons described in this article. Lucifer, the crown jewel of the Anderson Collection, moved to Stanford with a retinue of 120 colorful accomplices he’s befriended while living at the Andersons’ residence. The whole gang is now happily installed in a custom-designed museum on the Stanford campus. With ro…

Up Close: One Painting Tours With Artists

06/05/20|A project of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University

A project of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University Hosted by art historian and the associate director of ITALIC at Stanford, Kim Beil, the micro-video series “Up Close: One Painting Tours with Artists” focuses on a single object in the Anderson Collection, sparking dialogue with a guest artist. This project is made possible by a grant from Stanford Arts and the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Artist Rebekah Goldstein explor…

A&E Digest

04/17/15|Palo Alto Online

…y Twenty-seven student artists from Santa Clara and San Mateo counties have been awarded scholarships for by the Community School of Music and Arts. Photo courtesy of CSMA. This week, students win art scholarships, a film on feminist art screens at Stanford and international fashion designers sell their goods for a good cause. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDENTS … The Mountain View-based arts nonprofit, Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA), has…

The Museum of Hunk, Moo & Putter: The Anderson Collection at Stanford will Rock You

12/28/18|Forbes Magazine

…Mary Patricia Anderson Pence (“Putter”) could have led post-World War Two lives of suburban white privilege and comfort – thanks to the financial success of the Saga food service company Hunk co-founded that supplied many colleges (including Stanford) and for which they moved from the East Coast to the West. However, in the early 1960s, before their daughter was born, the Andersons traveled to Paris and had a life-changing visit to the Louvre….

Anderson Collection a modern art trove not to be missed

08/23/15|San Francisco Chronicle

…visit. Here are just a handful of the museum’s highlights: “Jackson Pollock’s ‘Lucifer’ is something that people come to see. It previously hung over Putter’s bed, before moving to the dining room and before coming here.” “There’s an incredible Mark Rothko (‘Pink and White Over Red’) that’s just beautiful — a seductive red painting.” “Robert Irwin’s untitled disk is capturing people’s attention. There’s this shadow quality — he was very intereste…

Getting it down on paper: A different aspect of the Anderson Collection on view

05/30/18|Palo Alto Weekly

…t the top of the steps. On the other hand, Ad Rhinehart’s “Untitled”, a gouache on paper, is a complete surprise. Unlike “Abstract Painting, 1966,” which consists of subtle gradations of black tones, the work on paper is an abstract composition featuring eye-popping strokes of bright red and blue. Sam Francis used his signature splashes of primary colors to embellish the almost childlike depiction of himself. Convers…

Top 10 art shows as rising rents force out S.F. artists

12/24/14|SF Gate, Kenneth Baker (reprinted with permission from the San Francisco Chronicle)

…estra: A humbly entertaining group show, easily overlooked within a dreary but clamorous local art economy, this commemorative event reopened a souful, nonprofit mainstay of the Dogpatch neighborhood shuttered two years earlier by the death of its founder, Bruno Mauro. The Plot Thickens: Fraenkel Gallery’s 35th anniversary show (through Jan. 31) honors the gallery’s outstanding success, but crucially it also celebrates looking, not commerce, as t…

Harry W. “Hunk” Anderson dies at 95

02/08/18|Anderson Collection at Stanford University

…Collection at Stanford University has been seen by nearly 250,000 visitors. Every work in the museum is viewable online and the collection has grown through gifts from other members of the community. Head and hands collection Harry W. Anderson was born in Corning, New York. His father and mother immigrated to the United States from Sweden and Norway, respectively. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, he attended Hobart College in G…

Creations of Space and Light

02/22/16|San Jose Mercury News

By Anna Koster For The Daily News Pushing boundaries has been the life work of Robert Irwin. His six-decade exploration of perception as the fundamental issue of art has expanded ideas of what art can be and can do. Irwin will speak about his work on March 10 at Stanford’s Cemex Auditorium. Irwin, born in 1928, in Long Beach, started as a painter in the 1950s with an abstract expressionist style, but quickly began removing all that was not…

How the Stanford Arts District grew from a midair inspiration

05/13/14|SFGate, Sam Whiting (reprinted with permission from the San Francisco Chronicle)

…torate in 1962 and was working full time, “my wife and I would go to the art fairs at Foothill College and buy a little tiny thing,” he says. “One thing led to another.” Engineering led to venture capital. Art fair posters have led to an apartment stuffed with the likes of Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud in a luxury retirement community on Stanford land. Burt McMurtry joined the board of trustees in 1997, and after f…

Review: Anderson Collection of 20th-century art opens Sept. 21

09/18/14|Contra Costa Times

…t a preview — is part of a developing campus “arts district” designed to show Stanford’s commitment to the arts. It offers a nice complement to the Cantor, which has its own notable collection of 20th century American art. (The Cantor is also displaying 10 Pop Art paintings borrowed from the Andersons’ collection at the shuttered San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.) The Anderson Collection and the Cantor now make a c…