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Hunk, Moo Anderson give modern art masterpieces to Stanford

…canvas of fluttering red lozenge shapes; a stately black-on-black square canvas by Ad Reinhardt; and a sculpture in silver, an abstracted clock face, by David Smith. ‘The pick of the litter’ The rapacity of top-tier collectors in the present gilded age effectively makes the market value of the Anderson Collection incalculable. But “for us, it’s not about how much, but how good,” Hunk said of the family’s acquis…




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The Museum of Hunk, Moo & Putter: The Anderson Collection at Stanford will Rock You

…bility to provide a meaningful encounter with the art it presents. Which is why The Anderson as successful it is in the experience it provides is worth a visit. In the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, one still has the opportunity to commune with Hunk, Moo and Putter’s treasures and see, taste and feel how Art rocks your brain. I am an award-winning journalist and producer who has created print, video and online media content for In…

How the Stanford Arts District grew from a midair inspiration

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Stanford unveils the Anderson Collection: New museum dedicated to renowned works of American art

…y Patricia Anderson Pence. The history of their collecting is by now the stuff of legend: After a trip to Europe in the 1960s, Hunk and Moo decided to educate themselves about art in order to build a collection. They sought out the best examples by the most noteworthy artists available, and had the good fortune — and foresight — to purchase stellar works by artists working in the Abstract Expressionist movement before prices became pr…


The Anderson Collection at Stanford: An Uplifting Experience

…a “gift for the generations” and also noted with great pride that the Anderson would play a key role in the remarkable and ongoing “Stanford Arts Initiative.” If you think Stanford is just a tech-incubator with a football stadium, think again: the opening of the Anderson makes the Stanford campus a genuine arts destination. “Overnight,” says Christopher Knight of the LA Times, “the Anderson Collection cat…


Hot Art Bling the New Thing on the Peninsula

…Donovan. Then came a blockbuster by a Japanese group called teamlab, which makes ancient Japanese art come alive in floor-to-ceiling digital animations.   From her vantage point to the south, Kimball looked on with some envy as Pace drew in 45,000 people in less than three months. “That teamlab animation is something to marvel at,” Kimball says. “It’s immersive. It’s so animated. There’s so much to look at.” Kimball insists she’s not really…


Manuel Neri: Assertion of the Figure


Anderson Collection pieces lock in a home at Stanford

…son deferred to him by making a different selection, leaving “Zeltweg” to Anderson. It was probably a six-figure purchase, even 33 years ago. “I think this was Philip’s first choice,” Anderson says of “Zeltweg.” Named for a Formula One racetrack in Austria, the painting is on honeycombed aluminum. “A map of the experience of the track” is how Stella described it. Records show that the work was publicly displayed during the opening of the new wing…

Construction on Anderson Collection art museum begins


A private art collection becomes a Stanford collection on Sunday, Sept. 21

…ding exclusively for the collection within the expanding arts district, and over the summer the collection moved in. The building is adjacent to Cantor Arts Center and the planned McMurtry Building for the Department of Art and Art History (opening in 2015), and across Palm Drive from Bing Concert Hall. Total cost for construction of the building for the Anderson Collection is $36 million. The addition of this remarkable collection on campus help…


‘Formed & Fired: Contemporary American Ceramics’ at the Anderson Collection breaks the mold

…came to the forefront this year. I can’t help but want to be in the galleries to look at his work really closely in response. In addition, his use of news clippings illustrates this moment of reckoning in our country. “Not to mention that views on the tactile have changed so much in the last six months,” Shapiro continued. “The handmade is more meaningful now – and perhaps is even more so when you consider how purposeful these artists utilize for…


Instead of Changing Leaves, Peep Eight Bay Area Art Shows this Fall

Fall, a season experienced in other climates as crisp weather, woolly sweaters, crunchy leaves and autumnally-appropriate spiced drinks. Here in the Bay Area, September is much the same as August, except with more exciting visual art events on the calendar and a slight spike in temperatures. Don’t know where to start for a healthy dose of excellent art? Here are eight suggestions for not-to-miss exhibitions, installations, public art projects an…


Stanford’s Anderson Collection museum to feature trove of couple’s art

…rhol and others were donated to the museum in 1992 and seven Frank Stella paintings from 1959 to 1988 were given in 2001. Much of their collection was shown at the museum in 2000, in “Celebrating Modern Art: The Anderson Collection.” (They also collected prints and gave more than 650 to San Francisco’s Fine Arts Museums in 1996, which transferred them to the De Young.) However, what the Andersons call their “core collectio…